Thanks to some very, very significant contributions from Jake-Jay Construction, Absolute Contracting, and Rec Sites and Trails BC, the Big Eddy Boulders project area now has a beautiful new parking lot! The work these groups have done for us would have cost us thousands, and we can’t tell you how thankful we are they they’ve offered to make this work happen for us. This is an essential step on our road to attaining rec site status for this wonderful gem in our backyard.


This parking lot was made possible by:

  • Jake-Jay Construction,

  • Absolute Contracting,

  • Joel Pirnke (faller),

  • Douglas Sproule and Eric Dafoe (super hard working volunteers),

  • Rec Sites and Trails BC,

  • Columbia-Shushwap Regional District,

  • the City of Revelstoke,

  • and 20 or more additional volunteers throughout the last few years.

Thank you all so much!