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Revelstoke's newest climbing area and one of the sweetest! You can download the guide below. Please consider joining, volunteering and/or donating to the RCAS to help us continue to keep Revelstoke a safe and enjoyable climbing experience. Go here if you would like to do that, Thanks and enjoy!

Any errors within this guide are the authors errors. Use good judgement when using this guide. For corrections, new routes, grading feedback, etc., email us at

Climbing is dangerous. All users of this guide do so at their own risk. Users release all liability of risk from the author and the Revelstoke Climbers Access Society. Please, seek out qualified instruction and climb safely. 


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Version 1 - September 2017



Echo Bay KMZ

Version 1.1 July, 2018


Click on text to download the .kmz file. Open with Google Earth.


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If you happen upon any safety issues or any other problems out there among the crags of Revelstoke and you would like to report them to the RCAS, please do that here with this Contact Form and we'll do our best to address the issue. You can also use this form for any general suggestions for improvements that you may have. If you would like to donate your time to help us fix the issue, just let us know in the message box on the form. Please feel free to send related images to - Thanks!

You can select from the common issues here and describe in the message box. Please feel free to send related images to Thank You!

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About the Revelstoke Climbers Access Society

The RCAS is a registered non-profit organization established in 2015 by a group of local climbers. We are passionate and dedicated to giving back to the sport, lifestyle and incredible experience that the Revelstoke area has to offer to people of all ages.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote public safety and support public access, maintenance and development for the climbing areas and mountains surrounding Revelstoke.



In partnership with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, the Revelstoke Climbers Access Society has assumed the responsibility of stewardship for Shaketown and Begbie Bluffs under Section 57 Agreements. The club is currently working on having more climbing areas recognized under Section 57 agreements.


Access and Safety Goals

To sign more local climbing areas under Section 57 agreements with the Province of BC.

To protect public access and to continue maintenance of existing trails and climbing areas as well as to develop new areas.

To replace worn out bolts and anchors and to continue cleaning and retrofitting routes in need.



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